Saturday, 16 June 2007

Well, here I am again.

Another update

Things didn't really go how I'd hoped they would! I didn't make it over to STA Travel today as I didn't get up until about 1130 so it was 12 o clock before I got myself ready to leave the house, then I had some lunch, checked up on emails and web forums and then I thought "Oh crap, I remembered I have to go and get my hair cut".

So, I trundled off to Sudbury to get my haircut... God knows how long I was sat in the hairdressers for, there were about 3 guys in there already waiting to get their hair cut and there is only one hairdresser in that shop. There was a quite attractive girl (about 2oyo) cleaning up so there was something to look at whilst I was waiting. Well, it was about at least 1500 when I left there and then I went into town to get a few bits and pieces, I then went to get my car washed as it hasn't been done for ages so it was about 1600 by the time I left Sudbury and STA travel close at 1700 according to their website, so there was no way I was going to get to Cambridge, park and get to the place on time, so I didn't bother :( What really pisses me off is that I won't get over there for ages now as next Saturday I've got to be in Glemsford all day and the Saturday after I am over at Ipswich for a DF hunt and BBQ. Ah well.



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