Wednesday, 13 June 2007

The idea...

Well, here's the situation... I am 21 yrs old (22 in August), I work in a boring office working as a systems support admin for 37.5hrs a week and feel I am not really going anywhere. It's not a bad job I suppose, the pay isn't terrible, the people in general are ok but it's the same thing over and over again! I'm getting bored of it... Getting up everyday, eating near enough the same breakfast, travelling the same route, seeing the same people, seeing the same sights, doing nearly the same things, day in, day out for what seems like an eternity... and what do I get in return? BOBBINS! Where's the fun in that?

The idea... I've got an amount of money saved up and a bit of a question to ask myself. Do I A) Keep saving the money and use it as part of my retirement fund (hey, I don't expect to have much of a pension the way things are going at the moment!) or B) Take that money out and travel the world seeing new sight, meeting new people, trying new things and new food, having new and exciting experiences...? It seems like an open and shut case for me really!

The plan... Well, at the moment, I don't really have a plan as such. I don't even know really where I want to go fully, all I know is that I want a change and I want to travel a bit before it's too late. I know that sounds a bit morbid or something but, what I actually mean is that, at the moment, I have nothing that's keeping me in this one place; I have no dependents, no loans, no mortgage, no real commitments that are stopping me from living out this dream I've had. OK, so I don't have a passport at the moment, that's a tiny details I'm getting sorted soon, but what else have I got to stop me? Nothing! I'm a single man with a dream... who know's, this trip may open up new horizons for me. I don't pretend to be able to give magnificient things to the world, but the world could do magnificient things for me. There's a big wide world just waiting for me... and I'll tell you what, I've certainly heard it calling me over the last couple of weeks!

Anyway, I'll try and keep this blog up to date with my travel plans, I'll probably add bits and pieces about special event stations and bits that I do over here as well, just so there is actually some activity on the blog in the meantime.

We (Sudbury and district radio amateurs - AKA SAnDRA) have got 4 special event stations coming up over the next couple of months. Next weekend, the 23rd June, we have the Glemsford fun day at Glemsford Village hall. Callsign will be GB4GFD. On the 7th and 8th July, we have the Farm Machinery Preservation Society's annual steam rally at Melford Hall, Long Melford, Suffolk. Callsign will be GB4LMR. On the 4th and 5th August, we have the Thurlow and Haverhill Steam and Country fair at the Horseheath Point-to-Point racecourse near Haverhill, Suffolk. Callsign will be GB4TSR. The final special event station is on the August Bank Holiday Monday August 27th and is the Lavenham Rare Breeds car show at the recreation ground in Lavenham. Callsign will hopefully be (this is the only callsign I have yet to apply for) GB4LRB.

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