Tuesday, 3 July 2007

It never rains, but it pours!

Not really much to update... I still haven't managed to get to STA in Cambridge, I've just been too god damn busy! I can't go this weekend because of Long Melford rally (GB4LMR), next Saturday I am meeting up with a mate of mine who I haven't seen since last year sometime, I might get over there by the end of this month!

GB4GFD - Glemsford

Well, the Glemsford Fun Day (GB4GFD) was nearly a washout! I got there just after 11am and started setting the aerial and mast up (it was raining then), I had to pop home (about 5 miles)away as I'd managed to leave the power cable for my FT847 at home, got back to the site and it was still raining, got the gazibo up and set everything up, by that point a thunderstorm had started but, eventually, the sun came out for the last hour and a half or so. Conditions on bands were pretty terrible what with the storms, contest on 20m and just plain crap propagation! Not sure how many QSOs we got but I don't think it was much more than a page at the most! Also, only 1 other club member turned up... I'm glad he did, as he was the one bringing the gazibo!

GB4LMR - Long Melford

Ah well, as I said, Long Melford rally this weekend and the weather forcast at the moment is looking quite promising. Barometric pressure will be rising from 997mB reported at the moment to 1013mB or so on Saturday so we should see temperatures rising up to about 19/20c and weather stabilising a little more than it has been of late! I've just seen a funny picture on BBC weather website (http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/images/banners/weabnr_01.jpg) Quite apt for the weather we've been having!

Possible trip to Jersey

I was at a BBQ on Saturday afternoon/evening over at one of the Harwich Amateur Radio Interest Group's (HARIG) members houses and I was speaking to one of my mates, Kevan 2E0WMG and we were talking about when he went to Guernsey earlier in the year and he said that he was thinking of going to Jersey in September. I said, hmmm I've been wondering about going over to Jersey, if only just to activate the callsign MJ0MJH!" He said "Why don't you come along with me?". So, I might be going over there in September. I doubt that my trip to Malta is going to happen, my sister and her boyfriend seem to go off the idea and then bring it up again and I just don't reckon it will happen at the moment... Maybe next year... Maybe 2008 will be my big year of travels... who knows. So, watch this space. Details of MJ0MJH 'expedition' may appear shortly...

In the meantime...

Ciao for now


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