Wednesday, 19 September 2007

Right, I'm fairly sure that no-one reads this blog but hey! I've kind of put the whole big travelling on hold for a while. Various different reasons.


Some good news however, I am escaping next week! Well, I'm going away for a week. Me and only me, I'm leaving my parents at home and getting away from everything for a bit! It's only up to Yorkshire and Lancashire for a week but it should be good. I will be staying around Rotherham for a few days, going to a radio club or 2, going to a radio shop in Barnsley (LAM Communications -, going to see some friends near Selby and then going over to Blackpool for 3 or 4 days to see a mate of mine I haven't seen for about 2 or 3 years.

I should be active on the radio a bit whilst I'm travelling and when I'm up there. Probably just on 20m on the way up there and maybe a bit of 2m/70cm at some point... which reminds me, I really should look at the hatch mount I mucked up. I've managed to pull the coax out of the mount ever so slightly, you can't see that there is a problem but the SWR goes sky high when you transmit so I must have bust it!

I've been rather busy at the moment with a play I'm in. It's called "A kick in the baubles" (yes, it's a christmas play). This is being performed on the stage at my local town hall in Clare ( What with that and other things, I haven't been able to get on the radio much. I have however heard 3B7C ( a couple of times on 40m SSB which has suprised me somewhat! Especially when I was hearing them on a 115ft long windom aerial that was not up in the air properly! The centre was at about 30/40ft, the live leg went down to about 6ft and the ground leg was nearly vertical and then going along the ground. They seem to be working the pile-ups with great accuracy and at a good rate. People are praising them on the forums anyway (

Anything else to report? Nah, I don't think so at the moment.

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