Monday, 13 April 2009


Right, still not sure if anyone ever looks at this blog... but, as I have put it onto my entry for an expedition on that I am doing, I thought I'd best update it!


Myself (M0MJH/MD0MJH) along with Kevan (2E0WMG/2D0WMG), Matt (2E0XIS/2D0XIS) and James (M0ZZO/MD0ZZO) will be on the Isle of Man (EU-116) between the dates of 26th April and the 1st May 2009. Activity will be on HF (mostly 80/40/20m but possibility of higher bands if conditions allow and 160m if space allows) from most locations across the island with the addition of VHF/UHF whilst on summits, of which Matt and James hope to do all 5 on the island.

Also look out for club callsigns of GT3CO and GT7SRA.

As we are told there will be wifi access in the hotel we are staying at, I should be able to post to this blog whilst we are there.

Can't think of anything more to add at the moment.

73 de M0MJH

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