Sunday, 20 April 2008


Well, after months of 'planning' (most of it was just chucked together to be honest), myself and Kevan 2E0WMG are in Jersey (EU-013). Drove down in my car down to Weymouth and got the ferry from there at 1200hrs. Had to stop off in Guernsey's port for some of the passengers to disembark and then it was back to the sea for the final leg to Jersey. Once we got off of the ferry we were driving towards the customs queue and Kevan said "Oh gawd, please don't stop us! I don't want to have to unpack any of this lot!" (talking about all the radio gear in the back) and I think he jinxed us. As I was getting the landing cards out of my pocket, one of the customs officials waved us over. We had a nice little chat, he asked us how long we were staying, where we were staying, the reason for the trip etc. Kevan did his speal about amateur radio and he sent us on our way. We finally got to the hotel at about 5pm.

We went out and went onto 20m earlier from my car. Countries worked included Brazil, Malta, Saudi Arabia and Iraq! Not bad for 50w and a 20m hamstick (I think I used 100w temporarily for Iraq)!


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